BOONgarden is proud to bring Introduction to Vegetable Gardening Class to our urban garden setting. These classes will help you set up your plot and include the best soil and watering system to cultivate your own vegetables.  Different topics such as preparing for the seasons, saving seeds and others will be discussed in future classes. Click the green button to see which classes you should sign up for.

Introduction to Vegetable Gardening Class will cost $10 and include Arizona Native Seeds ready for use. Class is scheduled to be held outdoors in the BOONgarden urban garden from 9:00am till 10:00am with Q&A session to follow. Refreshments will be available for purchase inside the gallery space.

Alice Kelton is an avid nature enthusiast with over forty years of gardening and composting experience throughout the desert southwest of Nevada and Arizona. She also brings valued experience as a National Forest Service Arborist and Wildland Firefighter to her position as an educator with BOONgarden. Her overt joy for sharing gardening knowledge with people from all backgrounds and levels of experience is unrivaled.

Gardening Classes