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Mission Statement

We remember our first backyard garden years ago with just one cherry tomato plant that flourished beyond our imagination.  It was thrilling to have fresh food at our fingertips.  It felt like a type of blessing - a boon.  We wanted to find a way to share this feeling with others in our community.  Thus, the seed of BOONgarden began to germinate.

​Later, we drove down Western Avenue in Historic Avondale and fell in love with the urban vibe, the unique businesses and the historic buildings.  We knew this was where the seed must be planted.  This is the heart of our community and exactly where BOONgarden could bring the most joy to the most people.

And so, BOONgarden was planted.  It is an urban, sustainable garden for you to experience.  It is also a place of community gather to enjoy great refreshments and participate in education.  Classes and events are held to promote gardening, sustainability, disaster preparation, and art.  We partner with local organizations to bring our Historic Avondale community new and interesting experiences.

Together, we hope to see a better future with more homegrown food, a better appreciation for local arts, less waste, more regeneration and a stronger community in Avondale and beyond.

It is our mission to create a space where one can experience art, sustainable urban gardening and enjoy refreshments.  We promote sustainable living through education and by example.  Our staff is committed to our community with integrity, creative openness and a better future for all as our priority.

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